The Cutest Little Robot Clocks You Have Ever Seen!

If you thought you had seen the best and coolest alarm clocks, then think again for here are some that are as cute as a baby Robot and ready to both protect and wake the owner when needed. cute robot alarm clock

At a height of 13cm, it is one that everyone would love to have on their bedside or study table. The coolest thing about it is that its hands and legs of this cute Robot are made up of screws and so can be moved to various directions and heights, and you can change his stance to whatever you feel like. The head of the clock is really like a mushroom top with a light, and the hands of this robot clock extend to something like swords, which are actually small clips that can hold ones memos and notes. The body of this alarm clock is a simple hexagonal design that has very creatively been turned into one of the most adorable bed side clocks that I have seen so far.

This Robot alarm clock is available in two different colors – red and black, and runs on a LR44 button cell. Better yet, it costs only $20.50, making for an affordable Robot and clock.