Goldfish Trash Bags Make Taking Out the Trash a Novelty

What has the world come to when even the bags that we take the trash out in have to be made to look more appealing just so that we are more eco-conscious in using products. These novelty goldfish trash bags are look really nice to be trash bags, but then, that is the whole idea, isn’t it?

goldfish trash bags design

At $15.99, for 12 bags that can hold about 13 gallons of trash, these Novelty Goldfish Trash Bags seem very useful, especially because they are 100% biodegradable and are made out of oxo-biodegradable plastic, which are apparently very low on eco-toxicity.

In this day and age, everyone is aware of their responsibility towards greening and saving the environment, it would be a good idea to start cleaning up by taking out the trash in an environment friendly manner. If you are looking for some more of such green products you should take a look at the Recycled 6 Pack Flower Vase and the solar powered bag.