USB Surgeon Flash Drives Double as Action Mini-figs too!

If you have enjoyed sitcoms like Scrubs, Grey’s anatomy and House that have their stories revolving around life in hospital, you’re bound to fall for these USB Surgeon Flash Drives. They have resemblance to Lego mini-figs and look cute with the green scrubs and mask. What I am particularly fond of is the detailed geeky look with the round spectacles.

Another way you can relate actual Surgeons here is when the drive needs to be decapitated to open its USB end. When you have finished filling up its tummy with your files, you got to finish the surgery game by restoring its head.  The surgeon outfit is just for fun sake and does not ship with any kind of medical lessons. The 4GB USB drives can be bought from USBGeek for as much as $22. The 4GB capacity is a bit of disappointment since industry standards speak of a minimum of 8GB and above these days, but I guess the action-figure-like attire makes up for it.

USB Flash Drives have always been on the creative table and each one of them outsmarts another. For women, drives are hid inside chunky jewelry like the Apple Jewelry USB Flash Drive and Enigma USB Flash Drive Pendant or just duped as regular stuff like Lipstick USB Drive and Handbag Flash Drives.


Via: CraziestGadgets