The Lady’s Rechargeable Heated Slippers

The practice of covering the feet, for various reasons, has existed from a very long time ago and the evolution of the same still continues. Every now and then, a new kind and style with a strong purpose, is created. Lately, Hammacher Schlemmer has done it yet again by introducing ‘The Lady’s Rechargeable Heated Slippers.’

The name spells the function and purpose in itself. Warm and cozy, these slippers promise to keep your feet warm for hours. Around 15,000 years ago, drawings made in caves, in Spain, have depicted humans with their feet covered in fur or skin of animals. Also, ice men used to wrap their feet in leather with straw stuffed into it. But not to deny, Hammacher Schlemmer has definitely beat the early men’s imagination by adopting simple technology into providing the same comfort. Moreover, these are very different from the normal heated slippers that are placed in the microwave, since they keep the feet warm only for an hour. The Lady’s Rechargeable Heated Slippers guarantee warmth for the feet for up to half a dozen of hours. The slippers come with a pack of rechargeable batteries and the best part is that they are slipped tactfully into a hoop-and-loop pocket found in the slippers so that they are not conspicuous. The batteries can be charged in five hours using a dual AC adapter.

It is indeed a blessing and a lot of fun to experience the winter season. The fall of pure white flakes of snow, from the heaven above, is a treat for the naked eye. But slippers to keep you warm are inevitable even when indoors. Insulation, protection and comfort are the three prime reasons for a don of those slippers. The forefoot area of Hammacher’s slippers is based with a fiber heating element of stainless steel, like the ones used in car seats that are heated. This element helps in keeping up a steady temperature and thus lengthens the battery life. The outer fabric constitutes completely of nylon taffeta and cuffed elastic is provided at the mouth to obstruct the cold. Ribbed rubber covers the sole on the outer side which will help the user gain good grip while moving around in the outdoors or indoors.

Unresisting for a wash in the machine, the light beige colored slippers come in small, medium, large or XL sizes at the rate of $99.95. As always, Hammacher Schlemmer provides lifetime guarantee on these slippers too.

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