Modern Meets East Asia in This Unique Ceiling Lamp

A lamp that is exquisite, beautiful, smart, and perfect for any interior environment. A lamp which has a quirky class about it that compliments your refined taste in things; rarely do we find lamps that have so much work and ingenuity gone into it to make it absolutely unique and set it apart from the rest. The design of this lamp draws from the exotic Eastern Culture and is based on wooden keystone. The hint of “Orientalism” and the lovely elements of design in this piece are simply divine and intriguing. The shape and the basic blueprint of the structure have been inspired by the unfussiness of Japanese packaging and other elements like good ol’ lanterns and parasols.

That being said about its splendor, there is also much cleverness that has resulted in the end product. This lamp allows the possibility of light intensity modulation. This lets you have enough light for when you meet your friends under it and also make it emit a soft glow for when you are sitting back enjoying some chamber pieces. Spectacular, isn’t it? All of this is the brainchild of Martin Bahrij.

The shade contains not just the bulb but also the various cables and joints. The whole composition is held up in place by the cord that helps you turn the lamp on or off, and its strategic placement between the keystone and the bulb. Fastened to the wooden keystone are also sixteen arms, each with a wooden tip at the end, giving the lamp a nice, chandelier-like look. The lantern itself is made of timber terminals. While changing the arrangement for bringing about adjustments in the light intensity, the position of the lampshade has to be changed and these alterations are held in place by the connector. The connector is essentially a little wooden rectangular block with two holes driven into it. Now to increase the illumination in the area, open up the lamp so the light can spread out. If you prefer a dim ambience, then close it. Much like an umbrella! The more it shrivels, the dimmer the atmosphere gets.

The lamp emits a warm, welcoming lighting that is absolutely trendy as well as chic. Regardless of your style of décor, it is sure to blend in with it! Unlike many other lamps, this one does not just remain a showpiece but becomes a utility that is pleasing and understated or the focus of attraction. As you like it.

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