Huey: The Color Copying Chameleon Lamp

How would you like to have a dynamic lamp that matches the color of whatever surface it is placed on? Won’t it bring more color and light into your lives? Then check out Huey, the color copying chameleon lamp. Just as the chameleon, it keeps changing colors according to where it is strategically placed.

With this Chameleon lamp, the color cycle mode shifts through various colors automatically. Give a squeeze to Huey and he will pause on the current color he sits on. Huey is the friendly electronic glowing chameleon lamp that anyone would love to get their hands on.

If you have a red note pad, plop Huey down on it and watch him match its color with his glowing skin. In case you have painted your room a lovely lilac, hold Huey against the wall, squeeze him gently and he is sure to hold the color even if you plop him down on to your nightstand.

In case you are not sure of which color you would like Huey to change into, he has a color cycle mode that will help you. You just need to sit back and watch him shift from color to color. Occasionally, give him a playful squeeze when he gets to the color of your choice.

This adorable friendly color copying chameleon lamp is a colorful addition to your room and a great buddy to anyone who loves making life a little more colorful and vivid.

Ever wondered how Huey does it? He lights the surface beneath him with two hidden white LED’S, then utilizes a sophisticated optical sensor to determine the correct color. Then he matches the color by adjusting the shade of numerous multi colors LED’s deeply embedded in his body. Huey is truly one of a kind and a futuristic toy at its best.

Five years previously, the color sensing technology used in Huey was way too expensive for consumer products and was mainly featured in scientific measuring devices. But things have changed for the better now and this cool technology can be leveraged for our own frivolous pleasure. Think geek is only too happy to aid you in this frivolous quest.

Huey is not suited for kids aged six and under. Since it has a power adapter, it is safe to keep Huey away from kids under three years of age. The color copying chameleon lamp has soft vinyl construction and comes with color experimentation sheet. Huey is a great desk accessory and can be used as an interesting night light too. It is powered by AC adapter with a long cord, which is included in the pack, or three AAA batteries. It is presently available at $29.99.

Have loads of fun and color with this amazing Huey color copying chameleon lamp.

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