Anybots: Your Personal Avatar

How would it be if you could materialize at several places all at once? Be part of the action at work while relaxing in the comforts of your home or any place? Intriguingly mind blowing? It’s perfectly possible now; you just need a web browser and you can interact with your office, lab, factory or warehouse.

The Anybot glides around smoothly and efficiently giving you absolute presence and access, whenever and wherever you need it. This cute personal avatar Anybot has a speaker, microphone, camera and video screen. It gets connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. Control the robot from your computer in a web browser, using a head set and screen. With the camera, you can project a live video of yourself or a still picture, whatever you opt to choose. It’s easily operable too. Use the four arrow keys to make it turn or go forward and back. It has a built in guidance system that helps it to manipulate itself through furniture and people by gliding straight though doorways.

Since you are able to view real time video from the robot’s head, you can be sure of where you are and what you do with Anybot. Save a lot of time by using this amazing Anybot. Stay at home, use Anybot near you and attend meetings, visit people in their cubicles, greet visitors, pop into the factory, all from your favorite perch at home. Stay logged in all day and the robot’s eyes glow, conveying to your colleagues that you are there. They can approach you with questions any time a need arises, and you can solve their queries from the convenience and comfort of your home.

In case you are required to handle large operations, place a robot in each building you need to be in. From your desk at home, you can access any robot with just a click of the mouse. Interact with people, check inventory and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Your employees too don’t feel spied upon.

To give customers a tour of your factory, schedule a time and send them a URL. This way, they will have a presence in your factory. With Anybot, you can still stay connected while on a business trip. Just bring in your laptop and head set, jump into the robot, and be in the office using a decent internet connection.

The Anybot can be shared among as many people as you like, or you can even personalize it and use as your own private robot. The robot weighs just thirty five lbs and goes at the rate of 3.5 miles per hour to keep up with people walking. The Anybots are powered by lithium ion smart batteries. Its charge lasts for six to eight hours of typical use.

The docking station is included with the Anybot Package. The robot can easily dock and undock under remote control. It gets fully charged within two hours. The batteries are rechargeable and replaceable too. Once connectivity to the net is lost, the robot’s eyes go dark to indicate that you are no longer logged in. If the batteries run down, the robot shuts down safely by resting on its tail. Using Anybot, you can take high resolution still images and save them to your desk top.

Anybot truly represents highly advancing technology. I wish if robots like Actroid F and Hair Washing Robot would be launched soon to make one’s life easy.

Via: Anybots