The Amazing Multi Color LED Light Bulb

Light emitting diodes are now the “in” thing. They are being used widely in traffic lights, light bulb sockets and in high powered flash lights too. The Multi color LED light bulb is an amazingly bright LED bulb that is able to transmit through a whole range and combination of colors. It is highly compatible with a standard light bulb socket too.

The IR remote that comes with the Multi color LED light bulb is capable of selecting any individual color of choice and of any brightness level. The remote can select one of four different transition effects too. This Multi color LED light bulb is just the right choice for use in mood lighting, decorating, parties and any special occasion that demands a lot of lighting and effects.

The Multi color LED light bulb has multiple brightness level settings and four transition effects too. Give a long pause on each color, or a short pause, go slow for fade between colors and faster fade – these are the four transition effects available. The light for this multi color LED is generated from a five watt LED.

The remote can turn the bulb on or off and can adjust colors, do transitions and take care of brightness levels. In fact, as already mentioned, there are four transition effects in all- flash, strobe, fade and smooth. The multi color LED light bulb has access to sixteen specific colors and these include white, green, blue, red, orange light blue, yellow, turquoise and purple.

This cute Multi color light bulb is just the right thing to use on Halloween. It can be used as accent lighting for decorating, and for outdoor parties. It’s so very easy to use and fits well into a standard light bulb socket. You must remember to remove the plastic tab in the remote control battery compartment before starting to use this. The remote should be pointed directly at the bulb at a distance of five feet or less for it to perform at its best. CR2025 lithium battery is used in the remote.

Have fun evenings with plenty of color and light on weekends and party times, with these cute Multi color LED light bulbs.  You are sure to have set the trend with these light bulbs and will always have lots of surprise in store for your friends and family. Make Halloween all the more eerie and special with a bit of your own creativity thrown in, to add color, and light, with these Multi color LED light bulbs. It is priced at Thinkgeek for $29.99.

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