The One Component Wind Power

Have you ever envisaged possessing your own wind generator? And that too, a take-it-home, apply- it –yourself kind? If you were offered a whole array of them, wouldn’t you be thrilled? Especially if you are the kind of person who loves tinkering with gadgets, you are sure to love this amazing wind power generator.

Well, yes, get set to take home, unpack and screw into your wall a brand new wind power generator , all your own. Connect it to a battery that can hold generated power, and enjoy watching it work. This one component wind power generator is made of blades, a generator, a telescopic shaft to facilitate the fans to be extended or pulled backwards. It has an electric power plug and switch too.

If you have fifteen of these fans, you can easily be assured of being able to provide power for a family of four for a month. Wind cubes are one of these fans and it can easily generate 21.6 kilowatt hours per month. If you multiply this figure fifteen times over, it amounts to three hundred and twenty four kilowatt, which is the same that a family of four uses per month! Amazing, isn’t it ?

To get these wind cubes to work, get them attached to a wall outside your home, with three screws, and click on the switch to activate it. Now, relax, sit back and enjoy the power generated by a powerful element of nature- the wind. If you need to generate more power, multiple cubes can be connected, but be sure to strengthen their collective structure. Depending on varying weather conditions, fans can be either pushed back or pulled out.

Just imagine the amount of electricity that is freely made available to you! This one component wind power generator has won the Lite on award for design. And of course, the brain behind such a unique gadget are Liao-Hsun Chen and Wen –Chih Chang, who take full credit for having conceived and designed this wind power generator.

This gadget can be utilized especially in places where it is windy. Hence, powers of nature can be harnessed and put to good use to generate electricity to power a domestic household of four, for an entire month! Isn’t that a huge saving ?

Do consider reverting to novel ways of conserving energy, like going in for this cute one component wind generator. It comes in attractive colors of white and blue.

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