Corkscrew and Glowing Bulbs – Unbeatable Combination

Light bulbs have come in various designs and shapes but one thing remains common to all. They need a particular holder to house the bulb. Either fix it to a bulb holder on the wall or in a lamp; but like any other product, the scene is changing here as well. The very new design of screwing a bulb to the wall has arrived.

Japanese designer Shiro Inoue has given shape to a light bulb that combines the actions of screwing and glowing. Sounds quite an awkward combination, but when designers get down to work, anything can be possible.

Take a look at this light bulb. It is conical in shape, and is designed like a conch shell with a spiral body. The chord starts from the broad end, and runs all around the body of the shell well settled in the ‘shell’ indents. It ends in a two-pin plug, which also has a power switch attached to it. The narrow side of the bulb tapers into a screw thread. To mount the bulb, you do not require any other equipment like screws and bulb holders. All that you need to do is screw the entire thing into the wall and you have a bulb all set for use.

The shell shaped glowing light bulb has been made using thermoplastic. This LED emitting light bulb has three different sizes namely large, medium, and small. The large one is large enough with 47 X 16.5 cm, the medium one is 35 X15.5 cm, while the small one is 19 X 10.2 cm. Thus, gives a wide variety for the user to choose from. As the size of the lamp varies, so does the chord size with the large one having the maximum reach while the smallest one the least. You could comfortably use the large one to light up a room. The smallest can be placed as a comfortable reading light.

While the shell shaped light bulb has the advantage of being easy to mount, it also carries with it the advantage of having an LED light. This makes it a very economical and energy conserving product as well. Besides, it is also a fact that LED bulbs last longer than the traditional incandescent ones. Here is a designer product which helps save up on your electricity bills, gets rid of frequent bulb changing hassles, and looks cool, too.

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Via: Yanko Design