The Smart Sizzors are Super Smart

Ever faced the dilemma of having misplaced your kitchen scissors and having to search high and low for them? Or having to use just a pair of blunt scissors for the various household tasks? Tried hard to prise open a bottle with a pair of mangled scissors and sore hands, patience wearing thin, and finally giving up on it all? Well, here’s the perfect gadget to put you at ease in the kitchen.

The Smart Sizzors is a pair of multi-purpose scissors, with hardened razor sharp blades. It can easily cut through tough materials, crush garlic, strip wire, open bottles, and also perform a whole lot more of household tasks. The Smart Sizzors is the ideal gadget for the home, office, and workshop.

The razor sharp blades of Smart Sizzors are made of professional grade hardened steel, and this amazing gadget helps to lighten the load of a harassed housewife or a stressed out career woman. A serrated edge to this pair of scissors helps to snip through pretty much anything.

Break sticks into two, have fun snipping away at used credit cards, get cracking on tough chicken bones – these wonder scissors perform superbly where other similar gadgets fail. The Smart Sizzors are absolutely versatile in its usage. Since the Smart Sizzors have oft grip handles, they work equally well for both left and right hand users. They are fitted with an adjustable tension bolt, which allows for tightening up, if they ever work loose.

The Smart Sizzors is the world’s smartest pair of scissors. It cuts easily through the toughest of materials, even bone. Not only does it open bottles, crush garlic, and crack nuts, but also, it is dishwasher safe. A large comfortable grip facilitates easy handling and usage by both right-handed as well as left-handed folks.

This unique gadget is marketed by Gizoo, the home of the most useful, entertaining, and affordable gadgets, gifts, and gizmos. Gizoo has a great reputation for bringing you a very unique range of gadgets designed to make life more fun, easier, and economical.

Smart Sizzors, available at $9.95 is a useful tool, pretty much a jack of all trades. This gadget is a must have in all households and hence, make this a top priority item on your next shopping list. Gift them to your near and dear ones, and be assured of happy smiles all around!

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