Model Mirror: Mirror with LED Lights

Ever tried fixing lipstick and re-applying make-up in the darkness? It’s virtually impossible and if one were brave to try doing it, it’s a disaster. Which is why, is marketing an easy solution to the female problem to fix the lipstick and redo the make-up in the absence of adequate lighting – the Model Mirror.

The Mirror is implanted with LED lights that would help solve a complicated issue of how to re-apply make-up in the dark without messing up. These lights are beneficial especially in places where the lights are dim or out, like in a theatre, candlelit restaurants, or dark nightspots and so on and so forth.

Plus, since the mirror is compact and includes a carry pouch, it will not be as though a lady will be carrying a heavyweight package just to set her appearance right at the appropriate places. The Model Mirror allows easy mobility along with resolving the core matter of providing illumination where and when illumination is required.

Additionally, the Model Mirror has the feature of an extra 2x enlarged mirror that would help a lady to direct the re-applying at certain particular places. This feature is important because most of the time, compact mirrors fail to provide a complete narrowing down of specific areas and thereby posing a problem for the users who are unable to get a perfect idea about their faces and the applied powdering.

This wonder product – and a potential must-have in every lady’s handbag, has already made its appearance felt by featuring in the pages of the high time magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and the Vanity Fair. And considering that these magazines showcase only trendsetters and potential ones, it can be more than safely said that the Model Mirror with its USP of the embedded LED lights, has made its mark among the class of the fashionista.

Priced at £14.99icon – equivalent to about 17 Euros and $24, the Model Mirror as reiterated above is lightweight and easy to carry around. When opened, its measurements are approximately around 20 cm (l) x 7.8 cm (w) x 1.5 cm (d) and; while closed, its measurements are about 10.5 cm (l) x 7.8 cm (w) x 1.5 cm (d).  Other support enhancements include a carry pouch and one 23 A x 12 V battery to power the LED lights.

Thinking about it, possessing a compact mirror like the Model Mirror needs to be given more importance than just a fleeting one. After all, when one thinks about having the latest upgraded mobile technology or owning an iPod with the maximum GB space, it becomes important that one considers having in one’s technological kitty, a cool compact mirror with embedded LEDs. After all, doesn’t the phrase say, first impressions make lasting ones?

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