The Giant Lava Lamps: Light of Asia Now in Your Living Space

Remember how as a kid you were intrigued by the dawdling, fascinating rise and fall of odd-shaped ‘lava’ inside the lava lamp? All of us were! In fact the lava lamps defined our generation. They were seen as cool, got the science geeks among us thinking and are on display till this date.  So much, that Mathmos could not improve on it anymore, instead they just make it larger than life! Imagine what an amazing sight one of these Giant Lava Lamps could be at your big promotion party or at your middle-schooler’s birthday bash! No matter the age, everyone eventually gets mystified by it and gazes at its slow show of dancing goo.

Giant Lava Lamps are no joking matter. They can be at a towering two metres in height and twenty centimetres in diameter. That’s a lot of space that is going to affect the design of the rest of the room. Considering this and the general craze about the revolutionary lava lamps, Mathmos is now bringing out custom-built ones! Right from the metal base to the cap that holds the gloop in, to the color of the wax inside and the powder coating- they are all to your liking and fancy. You order it, they make it.

Now there are certain metrics that should be kept in mind when you order one for your Malibu pad or Evil Genius lair. This Goliath among lamps is huge! Once installed, it really cannot be moved easily to say the least. In fact, for this reason and because of variation of the preparation of the slime inside, it has to be filled on location only. And if this mystifying awesome globule ever wanes, refill packs are totally available! But this is not really necessary because the fluid is likely to last for a cool 2000 years at the least!

Mathmos also offers installation services if you are living in a major city. This is highly in the offing because if you can afford this biggie, then you sure are living it up in the big city. Signed, sealed, and delivered for a cool £3,000icon, the Giant Lava Lamps are available in a plethora of colors which can be mixed and matched. The lava comes in placid colors like white, yellow, and blue and also shades like purple, pink, black, green, and orange – those are sure to give the room a spicy aura. The liquid could be clear, violet, blue, green, yellow, or pink.

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