The Electric Personal Transporter

It was quite a way long back in history that the world economy decided to get eco-friendly with its way of conducting life. Somewhere during early 1830s, the first electric carriage was invented in Scotland by Robert Anderson. Well, by the 20th century, rail and car transport were all over becoming more and more common and were almost ruling the market. But over time, their usage reduced commercially and was mainly employed in the loads sector.

But in the present day, anything that generates lesser harmful impact on Mother Nature is promoted as eco-friendly since that is exactly what is in demand. Even the general public is ever ready to go green with everything. One of the easiest forms of reducing environmental pollution is to start using public transport, or to cycle all the way or to use one’s own legs! But there is a great amount of objection to the mentioned alternatives above, since not many are comfortable with public transportation, cycling, and walking takes one a longer time to reach their destination.

Then one fine day, Dean Kamen came up with a mysterious invention called the Segway Human Transporter. It was a transportation machine of course, which was electric powered and functioned on human balancing. The rider’s weight shifting decided direction and speed of the machine. One of the two handle bars contained a turning mechanism that functioned manually. Though a little pricey, the Segway invention came across as an innovative and at the same time, a life saver for those who were looking out for options to go green.

Anyhow, now lo and behold! Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with the Electric Personal Transporter. Those who could not afford the Segway can easily cash in on this zero emission Personal Transporter, a four wheeled machine that can hit a speed of 20 mph on running. One can maneuver it easily on a smooth surface be it a paved path or a drive way or a sidewalk to run a quick errand or to drive around leisurely in the park.

Two 16” drive wheels help in the forward and reverse movement of the vehicle. Both the wheels contain a 700 watt electric motor each which power the transporter. Two 4 ½” wheels at the rear provide balance and steering. The handlebars contain the handbrakes which help in stopping the vehicle during motion of course. The deck is reinforced with steel and is covered by a rubber pad which will give a firm footing to the rider. The vehicle has a horn and headlight and even a basket in the front that can be taken off and put on when necessary. Moreover, this Personal Transporter can be folded into an 18” high machine for easy storage. If charged for one full hour, it can take weight upto 350 lbs. for a distance of 20 miles. For a price of $1,895, the Electric Personal Transporter comes in red, black, or silver shades with a lifetime guarantee.

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