If Hearing is Believing, Get Ready to Be Convinced

Isn’t it just absolutely irritating when you want your friend to hear a track that she is sure to love, or follow the lyrics of a rap that he will take to immediately but the speakers on your iPod are just too feeble. And then there are those days when you come back home with a song stuck in your head, that you want to dance to, but when you turn on your laptop finally – you have got to crouch close to hear it at all! Been there, done that? Well we hear you! iHome’s Portable Multimedia Speakers are a boon to all of us who have been smart-ed by terrible, tiny sound systems.

The star feature of this Portable Multimedia Speakers is that it is not only powerful, but extremely handy and compact! Just about two inches in diameter, user reviews point out that they have to actually turn down their volumes because of its great sound system capacity. Moreover, they are collapsible and each speaker can literally fit into a fist. And if two speakers were one too many a nuisance for you, then you would love the magnetic attachment at the bottom of each of these speakers that would hold them together when it is ready to be moved. They form a capsule that can be shoved into the protective case that comes along with the product and carried around with minimum real estate exploited.

What about the annoyance of having to find two plug slots for the laptop as well as the speakers for them to play? That is taken care of too! Packed with lithium ion batteries, the iHome Portable Multimedia Speakers are to be attached to a USB port to not only play, but also to get charged. You will soon get used to the convenience and niftiness of this little wonder gizmo.

The vacuum bass expansion, which is the secret of the iHome Portable Multimedia Speakers allows it to surprise its audience with its wonderful acoustics! This is why laptops and phones cannot perform. Their speakers are too closely compressed, giving it little space to perform due to short wavelength. It is also entirely compatible with Macbooks, cellphones, mp3 players, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, you name it! Priced at about $49.99, this one is a keeper! Maximum performance with minimum maintenance.

‘Sound beyond size’. The iHome Portable Multimedia Speakers is one cool thingamabob.

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