Your Friendly Bedside Night Lamp

Are you looking for the perfect bedside lamp? Perfect as in, looks classy, chic, and accents your interior decoration. Perfect as in the light lands just where you want it to, but is not too bright, harsh or hot. Perfect as in, easy to operate and does not hamper your night time reading habits and the bedside table spatially. What I mean is the perfect bedside lamp. If you are anything like most tasteful people, then your search ends with the Book-Rest Lamp. Not too elaborately beautiful, but this piece definitely occupies its refined spot on the bedside table and serves more than one purpose.

The Book-Rest Bedside Lamp is finally out after two years of peeking in home deco catalogues and showpieces in shops. The first thing you notice about the book-rest lamp is its smart design. Bedside lamps are primarily used for reading before one falls asleep. Not only does it emit a soft, comforting glow thanks to the frosted material used in the lampshade shell, but it also acts as a stand for your book. Once you are done reading and decided it is time to sleep, keep the book’s spine open, prop it up on the lamp and use it alternatively as a bookmark!

Fit in a halogen bulb or an LED, if you want to go green, and embrace your find after a long ‘perfect bedside lamp’ hunt. A lot of people complain that their bedside lamps cast light that is too severe and boorish. This is not just inconvenient, but also does not make for a conducive ambience and makes it tougher for you to fall asleep.  But that is taken care of once you bring home the Book-Rest Lamp. It is only bright enough for you to read for as long as you want and cool enough to put you to sleep on time.

The dimensions of this lamp make it quite compact- 150mm high, 150mm wide, and 110 deep. It is the perfect gift for a bookworm- young or old. Shaped as a house when a book is supported by it, it is quite attractive to young, budding bookaholics too! Priced at $70, the book-rest is surely a great buy. Charming, simple and practical- it shows a well-thought out choice to go with every aesthetic bedroom decoration scheme.

The Book-Rest Lamp makes you yearn for the next evening when you can cuddle up with your favorite book under its light.

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