Modern Drift Lighting

We have seen all sorts of pool lightning but these lamps are exceptional. If you have always desired of giving a magical touch to your pool then these lamps can do it for you. They are hand-molded, waterproof, and are capable of illuminating vibrantly in your swimming pool.

Believe it or not, they can actually make your pool look like one from a fairy tale. Although in fairy tales there are no lamps, still it can give it that touch. Moreover, they can all be used in your bedroom or any other place you want them to. In other words, these are multipurpose lamps and can provide four hours of lighting per charge.

Apart from everything else, these lamps are amazingly beautiful. They can really add exquisiteness and exclusiveness to your pool on your next pool party. Honestly, if you really want something that can amuse your guests then these lamps are those ‘some things’. There wouldn’t be anything much exciting than seeing lamps floating in your pool!

Let’s get to some specifications…

– Each lamp is sold individually

– Chargers need to be connected to wall outlets

– Each lamp is available for $25

– International orders can be made

– The lamps are made of white polyethylene

– Each lamp is 22 inches in height

– Each lamp has a diameter of 9 inches

– Lamps come with 1 year warranty

These lamps are perfect for anyone who would want to add some uniqueness to his ambience. As said earlier, they are multi-purpose lamps so you can make them float in the pool, keep them in your lawn, or in your bedroom. Any area can be made exotic with these lamps. Besides, they are not even that expensive. In just $25, you get a lamp that has the ‘X’ factor and can add the long desired appeal to your house. These are especially good if you have kids around and you are afraid to use expensive lamps because your kids might destroy them. These lamps are safe, cheap, and of good quality!

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