Hand-Painted Silk Bacon Scarf

If you like wearing scarves then this Hand Painted Silk Bacon Scarf is for you. Not only can it add a style statement to your overall personality, it can also make you look quite exquisite. Think about it – when was the last time you wore a unique scarf that made you stand out of the crowd? I don’t think in the recent past fashion designers have given importance to scarves.

That is one major reason why the fashion of scarves has faded. We just wear them now as an accessory to protect our necks. We don’t wear them as fashion accessories, do we?

Nevertheless, with this Hand Painted Silk Bacon Scarf, your point of view will change. Once you have this one, its beauty would entice you to adorn yourself with it. It’s beautiful and it can make you look gorgeous. What else would you want? To be honest, I love this one. The scarves are bought from a designer from Richmond who actually hand paints them. This is what makes these scarves different. Each piece is a unique piece and is a bit different from the other. Moreover, the effects that are created because of hand painting are just mind blowing.

It is made of 100% Habotai silk and each strip of bacon is about 8 inches x 54 inches. It is actually white silk on which the designer uses fabric dyes to paint it with brushes. Due to the fact that each scarf is painted with brushes, the overall effects of strokes are just awesome. You actually feel like you are wearing something that has just come from the workplace of an artist.

The hand-painted silk bacon scarf is available for $56.99. If you buy it, make sure you don’t wash it with warm water. It needs to be hand washed with cold water so that the colors don’t fade off. Also, you need to dry it flat or hang to dry it if you want the silky fabric to maintain its shine. Lastly, do not ingest it!

Believe me, this scarf has regenerated the whole scarf fashion and once you wear it, all eyes will turn towards you!

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