Space Invaders Tights

If you love playing the game of Space Invaders, you will surely like to bring a slice of the game into your life. What better way than to wear these tights that showcase the alien invaders crawling on it. Even if you don’t like the arcade game, you can look stylish in these Space Invaders tights designed and distributed by Black Milk Clothing from Australia.

space invader tights

You may even gift this to your geek girlfriend this Valentine’s Day and profess your love – all in a different and geeky way!

Though the price tag of $80 may seem quite steep for people wishing to own these tights, you should consider the fact that it’s not everyday you get to own a tight having a classic arcade game on it. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to have your own pair today or you may miss flaunting your own Space Invaders tights.

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Via: SlipperyBrick