The Click n Cook Modular Spatula System: A Space Saver!

Your home, and very often your kitchen, is what defines you. If you’re a city dweller, then space is bound to be an issue, especially in your kitchen. With the Click n Cook Modular Spatula System, it will not matter how large, or small your kitchen is, as it ensures an efficient use of space!Click and Cook Modular Spatula 1

The Click n Cook, which has been designed and developed by the ‘Quirky Community’, will allow you to enjoy efficient space management in your kitchen. Click n Cook is actually a modular spatula system that will keep all your utensils in one easy place, is exceptionally simple to operate and is a necessity and not merely a luxury that one must own, whether you’re a chef or simply someone who enjoys cooking!

Click and Cook Modular Spatula 2

The Click n Cook facilities a singular modular pattern where 5 opposite sorts of spatulas operate off a singular hoop which clicks resolutely in to place and to use it, you simply have to snap the spatula attachment into the handle and release it, with a click of a button. The spatulas are placed in a space saving bottom and can be placed in the centre when not in use. This definitely beats placing spatulas inside a singular drawer which takes up a lot of precious space.

Click and Cook Modular Spatula 3

The Click n Cook modular spatula system’s interchangeable heads include a classic flat spatula, a long flexible slotted spatula, an extra-wide slotted spatula, a flexible mixer, and a slotted spoon.

Click and Cook Modular Spatula 4

At just $35.00, it’s a very reasonably priced luxury!

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