The Apple Pro Cutting Board

All those who have used an Apple product have fallen in love with it. For those who have not used one it remains a dream. Such is the fan following of Apple. And to present their loyalty towards the much coveted Apple and Mac people go to the extent of owning every related product. Latest to enter the Apple hall of fame is the Apple Pro Cutting Board.

It does sound a bit out of place – an Apple Mac on one hand and the cutting board on the other. What could be the connection? Admirers always want to create products that revolve around their choice of goods. In this case the shape of an Apple Mac has given inspiration to a talented mind and what has resulted is a cutting board shaped exactly like the Apple MacBook. Had it not been for the wooden finish, it would be difficult to distinguish between a MacBook and the Apple Pro Board. It has the same shape and size as well as those rounded corners.

You could easily confuse this with a cover or a shell created for your MacBook but hold on, it is one complete solid block of wood that will be used for chopping materials in your kitchen. After all, your kitchen too requires a little pampering and stylish goods like these are sure to give a lift to your kitchen.

There are three sizes in all – 13″, 15″ or 17″. Three MacBooks in three different sizes. These are all oiled in food grade oil which gives them a brilliant shine and at the same time keeps them ‘healthy’. You too would need to feed it with a bit of vegetable oil at regular intervals to keep it in good shape.

The Apple Pro Cutting Board has been named Apple due to its inspiration from the MacBook. However, there is much more of an apple in it. Every board literally starts of as a piece of an apple tree. The wood used to create this well crafted piece of work has been taken from an apple tree. What you get is a real apple product from an apple tree.

The part that actually allows this product to stand shoulder to shoulder with all other Apple products can be seen on one of its sides. The half apple logo has been carefully embossed on it giving an instant lift to its status.

Chopping boards can be just any other board but when it comes with an association with a product like the Apple MacBook it does set it apart and becomes a prized possession.

Kitchen is a vital place of work for every homemaker. And only she will realize the importance of gadgets such as Chopping Board Gadget and Piece It Together Cutting Boards.

Via: designspray