Piranha Plant Scarf: A Piranha Plant Safe to Wrap Around your Neck!

Who doesn’t remember the evil, carnivorous, venus fly trap like death kisser from Super Mario Brothers and those innumerable times we lost lives when we got Mario or Luigi just a little too close to get bitten by these sinful creatures? Thus all you geek chicks will be grateful to know that this Piranha Plant is not the carnivorous warp pipe inhabitant from Super Mario Brothers but a soft, plush, crocheted scarf unlike those Hand-Painted Silk Scarf.  You can warmly wrap around your neck the Piranha Plant.

Piranha Plant Scarf

Yes it’s true, the Piranha Plant Scarf by Enemy Airship is up for sale and this Mario baddie is spectacularly designed to protect you from those freezing winters. This scarf, right from its green stem to its red dotted head looks fabulous and has been described by its maker as one of the softest and most plush things in the world. What more can you ask for?

Piranha Plant Scarf 2
These scarves crocheted using Lion Brand Jiffy yarn, measure a little above 5ft and are up for grabs for $48 USD at Enemy Airship’s shop on Etsy. So if you’re one of those Mario geek chicks who may I add I’ve been dying to meet since forever, here’s a scarf which holds true to the geek in you.

Well if you’re a guy and you don’t know what to get your Mario devotee girlfriend on her birthday, which happens to be inching closer,place your order on Etsy today and I’m dead sure that your girlfriend will be delighted with her present!

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