Your Pet Can Now Tweet with the Canine Twitterer

Ever heard of a tag that lets a canine share its musings with its followers? If not, stay poised for a pleasant surprise. You are about to be informed of the Canine Twitterer.

With the aid of a motion sensor and microphone in the tag, your canine’s activities can be interpreted; and an appropriate canine center message is selected from one of five hundred pre loaded tweets. These are sent from the tag to a USB receiver which is plugged into a computer up to a hundred meters away. This can then easily be posted to the Twitter account set up specifically for your pet dog. Interesting and saucy messages entertain and regale dog lovers while lifting the veil on how a canine whiles away its time.

The included software for Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac allows you to set the frequency of tweets accordingly. The Canine Twitterer comes with a CR2032 battery. This device is highly recommended for medium to large dogs.

This device is to be worn by your pets over the neck and is pre loaded with five hundred interesting Tweets like “Having my daily work out! Whew!”

The canine species do not require social networking sites to keep in touch. All they need is a doting master or mistress. The dogs are perfectly content to stay at home and shower you with wet slobbery kisses when you get back home after a hard day’s work. Dogs truly revel in the simple pleasures of life. Hence, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook mean nothing to them and the Canine Twitterer is meant more for us humans to indulge in a spot of fun, at the expense of our beloved canine pets.

Mostly, the Canine Twitterer is great and meant for indoor dogs and lap dogs, since the device is not water proofed to be used outdoors on extreme trips. These pre loaded messages on the device are solely meant to target the human audience at best. The Canine Twitterer measures around two inches in diameter and weighs around two and a half ounces.

Since the frequency of tweets can be set according to preference, there is no worry of spamming. Dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend. So, let your best buddies have their own Twitter account too. By creating a Twitter account for them, you do not lose anything except some negligible amount of time. Allow your canine pets to be worldly wise and speak their minds out.

Consider the Canine Twitterer as a fun gadget to dress up your dog and also to have some fun spamming Twitter.

Any day, you can’t get your pet canine to tweet like the blue birds, at the very least, dress them up with a nice looking dog tag. This amazing gadget is presently available at $29.95.

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