The Pet’s Eye View Camera Helps Keep An Eye On Your Pet

Ever wondered what your pet was up to when you were not around? They are cute, adorable, and loving but they too need all your care. And it is very important to know what your pets do behind your back. You might say that it is not possible to be after your pet all day long. Very true and this is the reason why Pet’s Eye View Camera came into being.

The Pet’s Eye View Camera shows you the world from the pet’s angle. Be it your canine or your pussy cat, the camera can be easily strapped around the neck and will stay comfortably in place. Being lightweight, it does not disturb or cause irritation. Approximately the camera measures 5.5cm (W) x 5.3cm (H) x 3.3cm (D) which means that it is pretty small in size too.

The simple looking camera is equally simple to operate also. The front of the device contains the lens and an LED light. On the sides are on/off button and the interval setting button. The setting button allows selection of photo capturing frequency. Photos can be captured at 1, 5, or 15 minute intervals. With a large internal memory capacity the camera can store up to 40 photos. This means an album full of photographs – naughty ones, mischievous ones, not so hygienic ones, some disasters, some accidents. And all these from the eyes of your loving pet. In case your relatives derive pleasure from the mischief of your pet you can develop these photos into special occasion cards and send them out. What an innovative and loving gesture that would be. What’s more, you could even develop these photos into 6” by 4” sizes and frame them.

The Pet’s Eye View Camera is compatible with all Macs and PCs. The USB cable provided with the product helps connect the device with the computer and easily download all photos. You need not worry about the battery running out of charge since the device comes with a set of rechargeable Lithium batteries.

However, there is one word of caution. This camera is not waterproof so try to keep it away from water. Refrain from immersing the camera or USB cable in any kind of liquid. Just in case your pet decides to take a dip in a pool you might end up losing your camera.

The Pet’s Eye View Camera is a smart way to keep track on the actions of your pet and costs £39.99icon. Next time you see the fish bowl empty you would probably know what happened to the fish. Take care and have fun with your pet.

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