Lovechild Alice Sculpture: Wonderfully Lifelike!

Alice, the curious girl who fell down the rabbit hole has gained a lot of popularity, and not only in Wonderland.  Well, Alice, better known for her role as protagonist in Alice in Wonderland is now being immortalized in clay as a beautiful sculpture! Because apparently having her own movie was not enough!Lovechild Alice Sculpture

This beautiful piece of art has been created by not only one but two geniuses; painter, Ben Komets and the extremely talented sculptor Ernst Veingart who was probably outside his comfort zone while creating this as he is known for his historical sculpting work. The sculpture does not only involve Alice, but a number of other intricate and delicate looking miniature sculptures as well. Alice, is the main attraction, with her hands outstretched and is beautifully sculpted and painted wearing a powder-blue dress with folds, buttons, creases and shoes to match. The attention to detail and creativity are involved while incorporating elements of the story. Alice is surrounded by the Mad Hatter who’s spilling while attempting to sip his tea and even the jostled tea has been sculpted and painted along with the other characters. The Red Queen’s army of cards is also sculpted and their facial expressions along with Alice’s are a work of absolute and pure genius. The inspiration for this sculpture has been drawn from a picture by Arthur Rackham. Mickey Mouse as Mad Hater is one fusion you should surely check out.

Lovechild Alice Sculpture 2

The precision and use of color transforms this marvelous piece from an ordinary sculpture to a 3D masterpiece!