The Homemade Cookie Stamper: Brand Those Cookies!

In a world where you can buy anything and everything under the sun, right from poultry to foreign chocolate to delicious biscuits and cookies in that wonderful man made creation called the mall, you need to be able to make your mark, your stamp in this world. The Homemade Cookie Stamper allows you to do just that!The Homemade Cookie Stamper Brand Those Cookies

With the Homemade Cookie Stamper, just like the Ninja Bread Man Cookie Cutters you can experience the pleasure and pride of baking your own cookies right at home from scratch and seeing those distinct, perfectly baked and shaped to perfection while being able to make your mark on them and ensuring that they are not mistaken as those plebian, manufactured store bought cookies.

The Homemade Cookie Stamper Brand Those Cookies 2

The Homemade Cookie Stamper that has the words ‘Home Made’ in big block letters stamped across it, is to be used to brand a freshly made batch of cookies just before you bake them and works especially well on peanut butter cookies, butter cookies, shortbread, other baked goodies made of dough and any cookies or breads that do not spread too much because that way, you will get the neatest and clearest imprint.

The Homemade Cookie Stamper Brand Those Cookies 3

This amazing Homemade Cookie Stamper can be used on anything that is soft enough to take the imprint and will make your cookies look special. The Homemade Cookie Stamper is your little secret and your patented cookies are sure to make all the other moms at those bake sales green with envy!

The Homemade Cookie Stamper Brand Those Cookies 4

If you want the best cookies in the world, you need the Homemade Cookie Stamper! If you love cookies, you will love the Talking Cookie Jar!

Via: SuckUK