The Germ Guardian UV-C Light Wand

The portable gadget, the Germ Guardian UV-C Light wand is highly effective in countering and preventing bacteria mold and viruses. It is absolutely safe to use and gets rid of unwanted microbes naturally too. It’s very easy to use. Just pass this light wand over your to- be cleaned surfaces or on areas which you suspect may be prone to carrying or harboring infectious virus, bacteria or mold. In minutes, you have got rid of them and your home is sparklingly clean, safe and healthy. You can be assured of this amazing light wand destroying ninety nine percent of bacteria, virus, mold and dust mites on beddings, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This Germ guardian UV-C Light wand produces no ozone and in fact shuts off automatically. This magical germ guardian light wand is most often used in hospitals to sanitize surfaces and destroy germs without having to resort to use of chemicals.

The light on the Germ guardian turns off automatically after a specified time to conserve it battery life. Not only does the Germ Guardian destroy ninety percent of bacteria and unwanted germs, but it is perfectly safe and easy to operate too. It is equipped with a digital timer having automatic shut off option. It produces no ozone at all and best of all, it operates without creating much noise.

The Germ Guardian light wand has a built in safety feature that turns the light off if the wand is tilted too much. The Germ Guardian works extremely well when used to sanitize large spaces like, for instance, a mattress or used along a wall, to be rid of infectious microbes. You can easily spot the difference straight away when you start using the Germ guardian. Shoes no longer stink and fabrics smell fresh.

The Germ Guardian UV-C Light wand also fights allergens like mold spores. This chemical free sanitizing and de germing is perfect for use on pillows, bedding, toys, cell phones, computer equipment, toilets,  showers, sinks, counter tops and shoes too. Hold this gadget lightly over an object or surface for twenty seconds and your job is done! Now you have a fresh, clean and well sanitized home !

Enjoy cleaning or spring cleaning with Germ guardian and feel fresher, healthier and with more time on your hands to tackle things of interest to you, apart from getting rid of mold and spores. One can own this cleaner at the price of $81.53 only.

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