The Cleanwave Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vac

In this present day of fast economic and industrial growth, it is no surprise that pollution and contamination and hence diseases, spread at a rate faster than the former growth mentioned. So ever since there have been experiments on various sanitizing methods to go clean and hygienic.

Lately it has been quite strongly proved that UV-C light ray is effective in eliminating contamination. UV-C or ultraviolet C is one the three light rays emitted by the sun which are invisible. Even though it has been identified to be the most dangerous UV, UV-C does not pose any threat to life on earth since it cannot break through the ozone layer.

Solid, non-permeable surfaces contain innumerous amount of bacteria, eggs of flea, bacteria, dust mite, etc. It has been over thirty years since light disinfection technology has been in use for water treatment, hospitals, in processing food, HVAC systems, etc. It has been studied that the UV-C light can deodorize surfaces in households while at the same time it has been stated to being a safe method sanitization that is environmentally correct. The ultraviolet C light has natural disinfectant properties contained in it. Moreover, it is free from chemicals, does not contain any odor and environmentally produces no side effects. Usage of UV-C light as a disinfectant is a great idea when compared to other household products used for cleaning. This is because the latter mentioned products’ ingredients include dyes, scents, solvents, and other agents can affect people prone to asthma or other allergies. This also adds up to increasing pollution of air and water.

This is exactly why CleanWave has come up with the Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vac which sanitizes and deodorizes and doesn’t contain any chemical or allergen. CleanWave has been proved to be able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria including the MRSA (in one second), flea eggs, dust mite, and viruses including H1N1 from surfaces of a household. Besides killing germs, dust mite, eggs, it will deodorize bed linen and mattresses without spoiling the materials and stuffs.

CleanWave performs the same function, which is sanitization, like any other wipes or sprays but almost 30 times faster than the latter. For those wondering how this CleanWave works, the UV-C light that is germicidal infiltrates the cell membranes of the micro-organisms and causes damage to the DNA. This would stop the increasing growth of the germs on that surface. Thus, CleanWave will not leave any residue that is harmful on the household surface. The Vac uses 400 watts of power for high, constant and strong suction and the action in a cyclonic motion ensures that the waste and dust are kept away from the filter. Pollutants are not re-circulated because of the bacterium filtration that is a two stage process. The Vac is designed in such a way that it is easy to empty since it is bag-less. It includes a hand vacuum that can be detached and the item comes with a one year limited warranty for a price of $129.95.

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