Sonic All Ultra Sonic Toothbrush

Bored with using the same toothbrush day in and day out? Would you like to start your day on a brand new note with an ultrasonic toothbrush? The new Sonic All is a powerful ultrasonic toothbrush which aims to combine convenience with technological prowess.

The Sonic All toothbrush is devoid of all the fuss that other high tech model toothbrushes create. Just slip into the habit of using Sonic All and let its base unit work its magic on you! Within a minute, your brush would start vibrating with 15,000 ultrasonic waves. These waves are between 16,000-20,000 Hz and it channelizes energy into getting your teeth clean and sparkling without any extra effort from your end.

The Sonic All toothbrush comes in greens and pinks. The ultrasonic toothbrush can be used with tongue cleaners and other flossing tools too. Since the Sonic All is battery operated, it can be carried around with you and from now on, you need not miss out on even a single night’s perfect cleaning of your teeth.

The Sonic All features are interestingly varied. It’s a complete ultrasonic toothbrush unit by itself. It comes in lovely colors of green and pink. The Sonic All takes regular brushes and you just need to insert it into the top of the unit. It’s compact in size and weighs around 81 grams without battery. You would require AA battery to get it to work. The power lasts for around two months if used regularly twice each day for a total of four minutes per brushing. The Sonic All is waterproofed to facilitate easy cleaning.

Plaque control plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Recent studies reveal that an ultrasonic toothbrush is more effective in removal of plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. With Sonic All, convert from standard toothbrush to an electric toothbrush in minutes.

You need not worry about searching around for a specific head to fit your ultrasonic toothbrush. The Sonic All is designed to use and fit almost any regular toothbrush. Just unscrew the top, insert your favorite regular toothbrush and thus create a readily tailored ultrasonic toothbrush.

The Sonic All is economical too since it helps save money on expensive replacement brush heads. As it is battery operated, carry it with you on any office trip, vacation, and so on. You can share Sonic All with family and friends too by just changing the toothbrush and fixing theirs on top.

Dental care and hygiene is made interesting and more effective with Sonic All’s Ultra Sonic Toothbrush. It is priced at $87.

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