Get Ultra Violet Bathroom Ninja Warrior Gadget to Eliminate Toothbrush Bacteria

Millions of invisible bacteria and viruses keep invading our homes, things we use and finally our bodies and eliminating them is no easy task. Modern geeks seem to have declared a war against bacterial growth, take a look at this new tiny ultraviolet bathroom Ninja gadget which can kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of in use toothbrushes. It is a Ninja warrior indeed  – its tiny and can assassinate hundreds of bacteria.

Ninja Warrior bathroom gadget toothbrush1

Toothbrushes are most susceptible surfaces for deadly bacterial growth and merely washing them under running water is not effective against dangerous invasion by fecal Coliform type of bacteria. This tiny gadget has very high utility value and it was something much needed too. There are hundreds of gadgets for cleaning houses, kitchen, geek gadgets and other accessories but a tiny bathroom Ninja gadget for sanitizing everyday use toothbrush is only one of its kinds.  The Ninja gadget uses ultra violet rays that can kill almost 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including most lethal H1N1. It costs $36.99 and runs on 3 AA batteries.  It is best to be paranoid where health is concerned, this is the best health gadget which you can gift yourself and your dear ones.

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Ninja Warrior bathroon gadget toothbrush2