The I See Eye Massager

Do you feel like rubbing your eyes to wipe away the stress and strain of an arduous day’s work? The brand new I See Eye Massager brings you infinite relief by combining multiple sensations in this professional eye massager. This professional I See Eye Massager relieves tension after a day of computer work, reading or sinus pressure and stress due to rigors of daily life.

Try slipping on the I See Eye Massager and let the air bag massage gently vibrate against sore muscles and swollen eyelids. The remote control that accompanies it allows for a customized eye massager experience. This eye massager comes with speakers and nature sounds music too thrown in.

Most often we spontaneously reach out for a tab or pill to alleviate eye pain or a stress headache. But from now on, reach out for the I See Eye Massager instead. This gadget par excellence can relieve headaches, eye strain, sinus pressure, and even give you relief from acute tension and stress. All that is required of you is to sit back and let the air bag massager get to work on you. It is not only gentle and effective but also comes with built in speakers that play soothing nature sounds.

This I See Eye Massager uses a combination of heat, air massage and vibration technique to alleviate your eye pain effectively, from the comfort of your home. With the massages, your blood flow too increases and soothes the muscles around your eye sockets.

The I See Eye Massager is just great for relieving sinus headaches too. Any day, the I See Eye Massager is a better bet than the dizzying over-the –counter allergy reactions. Make it a habit to incorporate a few minutes of tension relief into your schedule each day. This helps greatly after a day of looking at your computer screen or reading too small print! Customize the intensity for pain relief and tune into soothing sensations for your temple and sockets.

These are the essential features of the I See Eye Massager-this professional eye massager has built in speakers and soothing nature sounds. It uses a combination of heat, air vibration and music. With this professional eye massager, experience relief of eye pain in just minutes without medication of any sort. The air bag massager provides tension relief for both eye sockets and temples. You require 4AA Batteries to operate this gadget. It is priced at $99.99.

Usher in stress free evenings after an arduous day at work. In case a headache is brewing, never panic. Your new I See Eye Massager helps alleviate stress headaches in a jiffy.

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