The WiFi Bathroom Scale

For all ardent fitness freaks out there, there’s great news for you! You need not worry about checking your weight frequently and keeping track of it manually. Just step on to this ultra sleek, tempered glass and aluminum bathroom scales and it automatically records your fat mass, weight, and body mass index.

But here’s the greatest news yet! Every time you step on to the WiFi bathroom scales, it beams the information into your computer or iPhone over your WiFi connection. Isn’t that great? Feel free to track your results wherever you roam. Go ahead and share your progress with Google health, email, Twitter, or Facebook.

This unique bathroom scale is also compatible with online coaching programs like Daily burn, and iPhone applications like Run keeper and Weightbot. Get busy monitoring your weight and forget about those ready to eat mouthwatering goodies stacked in your larder.

The WiFi bath scale is just the ideal gadget for dieters, gym freaks, athletes, and all who are health conscious. Its online browser is full of handy features. Have fun stepping on to this thin slice of technology and know all about your body in a matter of seconds through your WiFi connection.

The WiFi is a purely family friendly gadget and is capable of storing and tracking data for eight of your family members. It can even identify the person stepping on it, uncanny though it may seem! It uses previously stored and recorded data to identify each user.

Log into your account and compare your statistics with the ideal figures of someone of your age and body type. Make notes about your fitness regime and a well-planned out diet menu for each day.

The WiFi bath scale has the following unique features. Here’s an overview.

Get instant weigh in by stepping on to the scale. Once you step off, it automatically turns off. Its display units are in kilograms and pounds. The maximum weight it can register is 180 kilograms. The WiFi bath scale gives you a complete body analysis – fat mass, lean mass, and body mass index. The gadget comes with ITO invisible electrodes. More than one person can use this gadget since it has a personalized multiuser monitoring feature.

The automatic user recognition feature recognizes each person stepping on it based on earlier data fed into it. The user can compare his/her weight based on comparison to reference values dictated by doctors. It can be connected online and it is web browser supported too – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

The data which is fed in can be set to private, or can be shared with other users of the WiFi bath scale. This way, you can monitor your weight fluctuations, and fat mass graph. Make these graphs accessible on a web page, if you need to. With this device, you can automatically publish your progress or lack of it, on Twitter!

WiFi bath scale needs very low power consumption. The package contains WiFi bath scale, four batteries, four carpet feet, and one installation guide to get you started. Step into perfect fitness and good health the WiFi bath scale way! It is available at £119.99icon.

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