The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System

There are times when you stumble upon certain devices which really make you feel excited. I agree most of such devices are associated to fun and leisure for us but at times, its more than that.

Today I am talking about a device which is neither a gaming keyboard nor a slim and sleek mobile but is more of a medical device that can make lives easier for all those who want a simple and easy solution for their muscle aches. Yes, it is The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System that can work on almost any body part and relieve you from the pain.

What is it about?

Basically, The Pain Relieving Neuromuscular Stimulator System is a cordless electrotherapy device which can provide a drug free therapy for hours to the sore areas (areas which are aching). If you are a frequent sufferer of lower back aches, then you won’t need to run to the hospital every now and then. This one device can handle all of it for you.

The device actually employs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy method which was developed back in the 70s. This method has been widely adopted by therapist worldwide because they know how effective it is.

How does it work?

What happens is that when the self-adhesive electrode pads come in contact with the body parts they send low-frequency electrical pulses which are harmless into the tissues. This way the pain signals which are passing through the tissues to the brain are impeded. Blood flow is increased to the sore spot and relaxes the area and stops the pain.

The device works on three AAA batteries and the total dimensions of it are 6″ L x 2 3/4″ W x 1″ D. The America Physical Therapy Association says that the TENS therapy is great for relieving the body from the ache.

Precautions to be taken:

People with pacemakers should not use this device. And, don’t think it as a permanent method of reliving pain because it is meant for temporary purposes.

The device is available for $129.95 which is quite a cheap price tag compared to what it can do for you!

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