The Fascinating Chickenborg Egg Cuber

The fascinating Chickenborg egg cuber is truly a device that is creative as well as intriguing. For those of us who are on the look out to make life a lot different from the usual humdrum, the Chickenborg egg cuber is essentially the right device to embark on being different and making life a bit more interesting.

For starters, the Chicken Borg egg cuber makes delicious hard boiled eggs, but with a difference – they are cube shaped. These eggs just don’t roll off your plates. You can have loads of fun indulging yourself by experimenting with this Chickenborg egg cuber by trying out gelatin shots, pasta squares, or cool sushi!

The cubed eggs are lip smackingly delicious. The cube shape is a practical option since the angular eggs would not roll off serving trays. But the natural question that puzzles most of you reading this is, as to how to make regular eggs into cube shaped ones. That’s pretty easy with the Chickenborg egg cuber. The acrylic gadget takes hot and peeled hard boiled eggs and smashes them into cubes. Using the same technique, you can also make super cool sushi and cube shaped stratified hors-d’oeuvres.

So, interestingly, the Chickenborg egg cuber crushes hot and hard boiled eggs into cubes. This acrylic gadget can be taken apart for easy cleaning. It is absolutely dish washer safe too.

With the Chickenborg egg cuber, you can make breakfast time different and more fun for your kids. And you are saved from the worry of having to watch out for hard boiled eggs rolling off plates and trays when tilted at sharp angles. The Chickenborg egg cuber is an interesting addition to any kitchen and an ideal gift for someone you care about a lot, any time, festive season or otherwise.

If you or your kids happen to be fans of the Star Trek series and Borg, this device will definitely catch your eyes. The Chickenborg egg cuber has little to do with Borg and the only thing it can do is turn eggs from their standard oval shapes into cube ones. To make these cubical eggs, just peel a hard boiled egg and drop into the Chickenborg egg cuber and your job is done!

It’s not easy and definitely a messy proposition trying to pack hard boiled eggs into lunch boxes. But this can be done in a jiffy if you have cube shaped eggs made out of Chickenborg egg cuber. With this amazing device, go ahead and try your hand at making deviled eggs too. You will discover that your creative culinary skills have been given a much needed boost to experiment, thanks to the Chickenborg egg cuber. It is priced at $5.99.

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