Potato Chip & Popcorn Grabber

Are you a lazy person who doesn’t want to sit up and grab popcorns while watching your favorite horror flick? Yes? Awesome, then this Potato chip and Popcorn grabber is for you! Trust me, when you have this, things will get way better.

You’d no longer have to mess up your hands or fight with your spouse over the popcorn bowl. All you need to do is use these hands to grab the potato chips while she can have the bowl.

How does it work?

There is nothing extraordinary about these hands actually. They are more like clips with which all you need to do is press the button to grasp the chip. They are actually fun to use. Although, I don’t think they are anything useful, for the lazy type it could be the best thing ever. Both hands come with white fists that look more like Super Mario’s gloves, green and orange grips and buttons, and yellow arms.

Basically, one hand is for popcorn while the other one is for grabbing chips. You have to buy the set so you don’t have to choose. Although, I think both of them more or less perform the same functions, still why not be a bit more sophisticated and use separate tools for both junk foods.

Each of the hands has the following dimensions – 40 x 180 x 40mm and the package is for $15. That isn’t a hefty price and I guess for such a gadget, you can spend that much. I personally think this can be a good gift to your kid on his next birthday. He would love the concept of the grabbing popcorns and potato chips with artificial hands. Moreover, the way the hands are designed will make him go head over heels. It is also a great way of teaching your kids to eat with utensils instead of using their hands every time, which can be hazardous for their health. Whether you want to buy it for yourself or for your kids, this is a must have set of gadgets!

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