Drip-Free Rain Promised by Mohock Smart Umbrella

Every one of us loves to own a beautiful umbrella that we can carry along in the rains. But this beautiful umbrella often becomes an embarrassment when we have to carry a dripping one into someone’s house or a store. Plastic bags can help to a great extent but what happens when we forget to carry one? Besides, it is such a waste of plastic. Designer Ju Hyun Lee has understood the need to get rid of this dripping problem and has come up with a smart and intelligent rain gear – the Mohock Smart Umbrella. Now forget the plastic bag and yet have a drip free umbrella in the heaviest of showers. A little bit of modification in the same old design of the umbrella has helped solve this problem.

The handle of the Mohock Smart Umbrella is fairly larger when compared to other designs. This is because it is hollowed to some extent which gives it a cup like shape. When a wet folded umbrella is placed right side up all the water gradually drips into the cup. What you see around it is dry surface with all the water in one place. This water may evaporate overtime (if left for a long period) or can be disposed off (if you are in a hurry to use it again).

No, you do not need to hold it in a position all the time. It is well equipped to do this on its own. The top portion has an attachment that opens up to take the shape of a ring or support like shape. Open it up and suspend the umbrella in any convenient place you find. It could be the edge of a wall, table or even a hook. While the umbrella stays safe in one place the water also falls into its cup. However, make sure to suspend it in a place that is out of people’s way as far as possible. Else, you might find someone brushing against the umbrella and all the water spilling on the floor. The drip might have been avoided but the spill will take place.

The range of Mohock Smart Umbrellas is available in a wide variety of colors making sure to suit everyone’s tastes. The size is similar to that of any standard three-fold umbrella giving it a decent size. When completely collapsed it can easily fit into a bag and taken along anywhere. Next time before you go out in the rains make sure to carry a Mohock Smart Umbrella and avoid the dripping embarrassment.

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Via: Yanko Design