Boiling Water Alarm is Innovative and Useful

How long do you wait for your pot of water to boil? It seems like ages before you can see those tiny bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot.

Now try walking away to another room. Oh my god, the water seems to have reached its boiling point in just about a fraction of a second. Sounds pretty annoying but it happens to all of us. Well, the time has come to get out of this condition and try something really new and exciting. The Boil Buoy has entered the scene and is ready to make boiling water a lot more comfortable and fun.

The Boil Buoy is a small top shaped device that carries the punch line ‘Floats in the pot, Rings when it’s hot.’ Very precise and exactly to the point. Its basic purpose is to send out an alarm when the water starts boiling. All you have to do is place it in a pot of water and allow the water to boil. No need to stand and observe the pot. The moment the water heats up and is about to reach boiling point, the Buoy starts ringing. Boiling water could not be simpler.

The Boil Buoy is a carefully designed product. The stainless steel at the bottom gives it weight to help it stay in position. The use of foam helps it stay afloat. The long middle portion encloses the metal chime that rings when the water is boiling. Absolutely safe food grade plastic has been used to give the device a cabinet. The topmost section contains a small ‘cool handle’ made of Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). This knob stays perfectly cool to help you easily remove it from the hot pot.

The device is pretty simple looking but a lot of effort has gone into its making. Ever since the inception of the idea, numerous tests and trials went into the formulation and designing of the product. The final result has been a smart looking product which stays afloat all the time. It is safe and easy to remove from a pot of boiling hot water. It does not get damaged by high temperatures and is completely food safe. Available at a pre-sale price of $9.99, this product has vibrant colors, stunning looks, and is convenient to use. What more could you ask for from this wonderful device?

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