16 Futuristic LED Bracelet Designs

Since their first introduction a few years ago, LED bracelets have gone far beyond a party gear to impress your fellow club hoppers. With talent and imagination, scientists as well as designers around the world are working to turn LED bracelets from  flashing fashionable wear into multi-functional gadgets, ranging from simple faceless watches to complicated camera-phone-MP3 players. Whether or not you are a sci-fi movie fan, you will find at least one of those LED bracelets fancy. Some of them are available in the market already, but most of them are still concepts, meaning they might never reach the light of being released. But it does not hurt to dream, does it?

Sony Nextep Computer

Sony Nextep Computer is the boldest step to bring fictional gadgets closer to reality. Designed to be worn as a bracelet, this wristband computer concept has a flexible OLED touchscreen, holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels, and social networking compatibility. As if it is not wonderful enough, the design even comes in different stylish colors, including mysterious black, chic green, and baby pink. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until 2020 to be able to buy the product.

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Samsung Wearable Mobile Device

Another device that looks like it just came straight out of Star Wars, Samsung wearable mobile device concept is the next generation smartphone that can be worn in style. This device has a touchscreen OLED display with a tactile keypad and memory alloy articulation, offering the user convenience when riding a mountain bike or surfing the sea. This compact device with stylish split pad design allows increased airflow, preventing sweat build up. This product is aimed for athletes, adventure lovers, and tech savy consumers.

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ASUS Waveface Ultra

ASUS also introduces something cool. This OLED Smartphone Bracelet, dubbed as Waveface Ultra, does not only possess the full power of any smartphone today, but also the stunning look that any fashion-conscious techie would die to have. You can snap the device very easily on your wrist, making it hands-free. This highly portable and wearable device is capable of providing you access to information and services almost anywhere and anytime. You can also control the device by the gestures of your hand either in mid air or by simply touching the display.

Wristwatch Bracelet Cellphone Gadget

This Bracelet Cellphone Gadget was designed by Nicolas Nicolaou from Denmark as a combination of a wristwatch and a cellphone in a super chic design. The device comes with voice recognition technology, touchscreen, and a built-in camera.

Yuxa Wearable Cellphone

The Yuxa is a cellphone concept that can be worn around your wrist as a bracelet. Designed by Mexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz, the wristband cellphone works with Bluetooth technology. Made from ecological materials such as plant fibers and biodegradable plastic, the green gadget features an OLED display and rechargeable battery that flattens its shape with the wrist movement of the user.

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Lumiloop Modular LED Bracelet

Lumiloop is a reactive bracelet with a program modular system, and display panels designed to showcase MIT students’ surplus sense of innovation and lack of fashion sense. The bracelet can interpret the wearer’s wrist movements, and generate illuminated patterns in response. Each module in the bracelet has an 8×8 LED matrix driven by an interchangeable program module and also includes an embedded software module with an accelerometer to register movement. Fortunately, it is still being developed in MIT lab.

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Gucci LED Bracelet Watch

Gucci’s interest in LED devices has filled in the gap between the technological and fashion world. The fashion titan has recently introduced a bracelet watch, which is hi-tech and stylish at the same time. The device has a sliding door revealing time in a glass LED display.

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Diesel LED Bracelet Watch

Gucci is not alone in the process of bringing technology to the fashion world or the other way around. Diesel also created a collection of LED watches for men in the form of bracelets. Each product features a stainless steel case with mirror electroplating, and a scrolling digital display with red LED numbers.

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Orbit Metal Bracelet

This futuristic bracelet watch is surely meant for futuristic people, assuming that people in the future are smarter than us. This Orbit Metal Bracelet from Tokyoflash Watches uses a collection of highly imaginative numbers (which I doubt if anyone other than its very own creator can understand) to display time. Hours are shown around the interface whereas minutes are displayed at the center with LEDs hidden in the layout.

Tokyoflash LED Bracelet Watch

Whether you say this LED bracelet can or cannot tell time, you are right. Even though its LED illuminated screen is supposed to show hours and minutes, how to read it remains a mystery. It was designed by Tokyoflash.

Tokyoflash Shinshoku LED Watch

Made of stainless steel that wraps around your wrist with a matrix of punched out holes, Shinshoku LED Watch is another innovative design from Tokyoflash. And just as your guess, this watch uses an equally complicated system to tell time. The time is indicated by the multi-color 29 super bright LED’s that shine through holes in the metal mesh wristband. .

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Dot LED Bracelet Watch

Even though it might not look as polished as the Tokyoflash bracelet watch above, this Dot LED Bracelet Watch is for sure much more practical with time shown in numbers that humans can understand. It was designed by Damian Kozlik from Poland .

Madokadoke Hidden LED Watch Bracelet

Madokadoke Bracelet LED Watch was created by Ross McBride at IDEA International as an example of “undoing conventional concepts”. Its main appeal is the hidden LED watch. Time is only shown when a button is clicked. This stylish bracelet comes in different colors, suitable for both party and office wear.

Japanese Faceless Watch

Faceless Watch is a Japanese concept for minimalism. Unfortunately, this product is minimalist in function, not really in shape. Hironao Tsuboi and Japanese Studio 100% have collaborated to create a watch without face which makes it look exactly like a bracelet. The Faceless Watch has LED situated between the links within the bracelet, it simply glows in order to reveal time in numbers.

Rosy Jelly LED Bracelet

If you are tired of all those conceptual designs, we still have something on the table for you. Rosy Jelly LED Bracelet, doubled as a digital wristwatch, has a flexible EL-Screen and expansion band. It can display both time and date by just one click. The product is available in 9 different colors at a price of only $9.99 each.

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LED Flashlight Bracelet

This LED-equipped bracelet functions as a flashlight, freeing your hands to do what you need to do with both hands. Finally, there is something simple enough to be useful. The device is for sale at $20.

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