24 Weird Coffin Designs

It’s odd to see that these coffins exist because it would seem almost cruel to bury a loved one in these coffins, unless you know for sure that they have a geeky sense of humor. Buying one for yourself is also an odd thing to do, for some of these coffins will be outdated quickly. There are other coffins, however, that nod to older geek material and will probably not outdate, in which case it is acceptable to want to be buried in one of these coffins. Perhaps one day, being buried in these kinds of coffins will be the norm. It will definitely be and interesting experience for archeologist millions of years down the road.  Whether you want to actually use these coffins or simply appreciate the fact that they exist here are 25 weird coffins that are on the market.

iPhone, Apple, and Nintendo.

Geek Coffins

The first four coffin images are photoshopped, but they are an accurate representation of the coffins you can order. Apple took their marketing to the afterlife. They believe that people might actually love their iPhones so much that people will actually want to be buried in them.

The  second coffin isn’t as extreme as the iPhone because, for someone who doesn’t recognize it, it can be pulled off as a pretty design. This coffin works for more than just Apple fans.

Contrasting the second coffin, the third is made specifically for Apple. There is no escaping the fact that this is the Apple logo. I imagine this coffin being perfect for life long Apple employees.

The fourth coffin is both simultaneously amazing and disturbing. Of course, having an old gaming system is always a great way to show the type of life you lived. It’s an honor to be buried in a Super Nintendo. I’m not too excited about the “eject” slot used for where the corpse is to be “inserted”.

XBox Coffin

X box Coffin

Moving away from the morbid and more toward the geek, this coffin is for a gaming system rather than a corpse. This coffin will probably be getting more sales than others, especially since dealing with death is something humans shy away from. This is basically a coffin for your no-longer-functioning X-boxes.

Star Trek

Star Trek

This is another classic fan based coffin that will not get old. This is another classic fan based coffin that will not get old. This is made specifically for Star Trek fans, but could also be used by the common day person, because there is nothing that particularly stands out about it if you are not familiar with the show. To them, it is just another coffin.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand THeft Auto

If you loved the game Grand Theft Auto, then this coffin is perfect for you. It seems fitting because a large portion of the game is killing people.


Suspiciously Large Bag

Need a bad to stash the body? This bag shaped coffin is perfect for that! Of course, realistically it wouldn’t work, but this coffin is definitely an interesting concept added to the coffin market.

Death of a Mermaid

Mermaid Coffin

This particular coffin would be perfect for four types of people: people who like things to be interesting, people who love mythical creatures, people who love the sea, and people who love art. It could also be an alternative way to be buried for those who want to be “buried at sea”

Very Large Guitar


The above coffin was for the artist, this coffin is for the musician. The over-sized guitar is perfect for someone who has devoted their life to music. It’s quite poetic in a way, similar to an Apple employee being buried in the Apple coffin.

Cricket Lovers Coffin

Cricket Coffin

This is another bag based design except it has added touches for those cricket lovers. This coffin comes complete with a cricket ball and knocked down wickets.

Wine Casket


I’m not sure who would want to be buried in this wine-casket coffin; I imagine wine-lovers to be to refined for something like this, but the option is there for those who are interested.



Another drinking related coffin is this Blue Ribbin beer coffin. Do you love beer this much?




If you’re not a beer drinker there is also this Coke option!




Some people really get into their TV shows, so much so that they would want to bring it with them to the grave. This Dr. Who TARDIS coffin allows people to quite literally do just that.




Here’s more fan-based-video-game fun: a Halo coffin for those who just loved the game that much.


Coffin Shaped Cigarette Box


This is a new tactic in reminding people that smoking is harmful for you.


Car Coffin Hybrid

Coffin CAr

I don’t really have much to say about this one. It looks more like a coffin with wheels than a car. This coffin is perhaps the most unsettling of the ones we’ve seen so far.


Jaws Shark


This is another one of those ocean lover coffins. At least we’re back to getting interesting with these designs, this definitely does not look like a coffin.


Car Engine Coffin Hybrid


This is definitely a more interesting take on making a coffin car hybrid.


Boat Coffin

boat coffin

Contrast to the car attempts we’ve seen so far, this boat coffin actually resembles a boat. If you spent your life sailing, it would be nice to be buried in this.

Old Fashion Car Coffin


Here is a more successful car design for a coffin, and is based on a very old car design.

Canal Boat

Canal Boat

This man is currently painting a canal boat coffin- a more elegant alternative to the boat.

Skiing Coffin

Ski Corpse

I’m not sure I’m too fond of the fact that this coffin allows for the corpse ‘s feet to be shown, though the concept is interesting.