23 Beautiful Flower Vase Designs

When it comes to decorating one’s house, there are very few things that come close to a flower vase. A fresh bunch of flowers not only increases the aesthetic value of the house but also gives a fresh feel to the people living around it.

However, the old, common looking flower vase is now not much of help for decorating one’s home. It is for this reason that we have brought to you some of the most amazing flower vase ever made. These flower vases are unique in their own way, for they are creative and technologically advanced. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Uterus Vase

The “Uterus Vase” made by The Plug and Stéphanie Rollin is a limited edition of twenty pieces, all lacquer and varnish upon a resin core. Inspired from female reproductive organs this vase is weird yet different.

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Hand Shaped Vase

The “Hand Shaped Bestow Vase” is sure to be a shocker. For some of you, this may be creepy and a perfect vase for a horror movie. Precise polyester resin cast mounts easily to any wall. This Hand Shaped Vase can also be used as a Candle holder. This vase will surely surprise your guest when they look at it.

One Pot, Two Lives

Designers Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou has created this “One Pot, Two Lives” which is a planter and fish tank that works together to make your fish and your plant healthier. The system works by the fish waste acting as a moist fertilizer for the plant. The filter system helps to maintain neutral PH quality in the water for the fish while extending the watering period by about one week for the plant.

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Polaroid Flower Vase

Beautiful and creative modern small flower vase which is designed by Jung Hwa Jin is innovative and fresh. The home accessory design idea uses the famous Polaroid photo ratio rule to get a small planter through an iconic Polaroid sized structure into highlight. You must consider putting it on your exterior and interior of your home decorating design.

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Recycled 6 Pack Flower Vase

Without much effort, you can convert your cans into a useful flower vase simply by putting them together and covering it with a plastic sheet. Once you buy the plastic sheet, you can paint your beer or cold drink cans with different colors permanently, or can paint every time you have a new bunch of flowers. Wouldn’t it be fun to transform cans into something really neat just like this Flower Vase?

Router Vase

The new wireless internet router designed by Saudi Arabia based telecom company STC is a device that can be said to follow the latest ground rule for all conceptual designs – multi tasking. The router apart from being used for its normal purpose can also be used as a flower vase to adorn your table. This can be a perfect product that can reduce the gap of lifestyle and technology.

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Grass Patch that Tells the Time

We’ve always heard of eco-friendly gadgets, but none would be eco-friendlier than a clock that runs on mud, and that’s exactly what this pot/clock does. Using the chemistry between mud and metal, the clock sustains itself, without craving additional toxic juices. The frame is a hitch by two recycled plastic bodies fashioned as a pot/clock.

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Flower Vase and Kitchen Timer

If you like ceramic products, here is a useful ceramic item for your kitchen. Israeli designers Studio Lama have created a beautiful ceramic vase that incorporates a kitchen timer. The designers claim that this ceramic vase actualizes “1+1=3” in a distinct and refreshing manner. The unique timer is held in place by a wooden rod. Upgrading the status of both the Vase as well as the Timer, this unique integration has allowed both to take their proper place in the kitchen. Useful and beautiful, this ceramic vase is a must in every kitchen.

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The Talking Flower Pot

Mintpass” the flower pot is a talking pot that speaks for itself. The talking pot lets you know what it needs. Endowed with sensors and built-in speakers, the flower pot says “Please give me water” when the moisture level within the dirt goes low, and “I need sunlight” when in need of photosynthesis. Not only this, this techie flower pot plays music too and you can also download all the information or the ‘bio-data’ of that plant species. In a nutshell, it’s a cute little flower pot that really knows what its plant needs and looks after it very well, but not to forget, it also needs your love and care to grow well.

Muse Musical Vase

Develop a beautiful relationship with your plants, while keeping yourself and your plants entertained. Designed by Lie Zhong-Fa, Koo Yoori, and Jeon Se-Yong, the “Muse musical vase” behaves like a music box that blends plants’ whispers with gentle tunes to create a harmonious environment. This futuristic flower pot serenades you and your plants with sweet harmonies every time you wind it up. Simply twist the device to the left until it won’t twist anymore, and then sit back to enjoy the music while the clockwork runs down. The Muse gives a sense of love to the plants and smile on your face.

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EYE Flower Pot

Designer Olga Kalugina has developed an innovative flowerpot known as “EYE Flower Pot” that lets you scan the root system of a plant, without uprooting it from the pot. EYE flower pot has a sensitive display that allows you to see the progress and the arrangement of the residing plant’s root system through the soil, just like an X-Ray. In addition, the pot is also capable of controlling the soil’s moisture, soil density, light level, and the ambient temperature in order to ensure healthy flower growth. If implemented properly, this device would be a valuable piece of equipment that every science lab must have.

Plate Vase

“Platevase” is a flower vase which combines a plate and a vase. With the Platevase you can place not only a lovely flower or flowering tree branch, but you can fill it with chocolates and other lovely edibles. What a fantastic combination of smells and tastes made possible by a round porcelain vase.

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The Flower and Vase

This flower vase was designed to change three fixed ideas about flower vases that are: 1)the flowers for the vase, not the vase for the flowers 2) a vase which has closed mouth 3) the real floral pattern.

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Growing Up Flower Pot

Designed by JunBum Park this “Growing Up Flower Pot” is something different and in fact it is truly a growing pot. It is a pot that is adjustable for a growing plant. A wide base contains rings that can hold flexible plastic sides in place, allowing them to be slotted to create a small, medium, or large-size enclosure within.

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Double Sided Vase

If you love having fresh flowers in the house, but hate the expense involved with having to buy big bouquets all the time just to fill your vase, then this “Double Sided Vase” is the solution for your problem. The interesting vase created by Endrit Hajno can serve in two different ways- it holds a bunch of flowers at one end while merely accommodates one single flower when flipped upside down.

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Adaptation Vase

“Adaptation Vases” make flower bouquets look unique and personable. These vases contain an aluminum base, 4 stainless steel spheres, and 4 glass tubes. The first step to this one of a kind vase is to place a sphere in each vase and place them on the base. The tubes can then be placed in whatever design that you desire. Place them all together, intertwined like a bouquet or tilt one or two for a different effect. After you choose a design, water and flowers can then be added. The choice of flowers is up to you.

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Kantele Vase

Hongisto Design has come up with this truly amazing flower vase design to compliment the flower placed in it. Everyone knows flower vases are not only used as home decor but also bring some good fragrance into the house and to keep people cheerful, as flowers make people happy. This “Kantele Vase” will completely blend with the flowers kept in it and also with your home décor.

Funnel Vase

We all love to place some flowers at home. They smell good and look beautiful, more over they add some life into our home. So here is “Funnel Vase” which is a ceramic flower vessel with a side opening in a funnel shape. The funnel helps to change the water without having to remove the flowers. The old water can be easily poured out through the funnel and replaced with fresh water, without a mess. While being a very functional piece of design, Funnel Vase presents an original shape. The vessel has a gloss white glazing finish which can go with any kind of interiors.

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Bloom My Buddy

Next time you’re thinking about giving someone flowers, why not completely surprise them with Bloom My Buddy? This is a vase made up of three separate parts, each with their own reservoir, and perforated all over so that you can dress it in any way you like, it could be a boy, a girl, or any creature your imagination leads you to create. Bloom My Buddy is a unique and probably the best vase you can have fun with.

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Flower Vase

Obviously, vase is used for flowers, so why not just shape it in flowers? So here is a “Flower Vase” which, yes you guessed it right, is shaped like a flower. Apart from adding to the aesthetics, flowers brighten up your day with their pleasing fragrance and beauty and with this vase, it will also enhance your home décor.

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Cute Ceramic Egglings Planters

These “Cute Ceramic Egglings Planters” looks and feels like giant eggs. They come in whole, and you can crack them open to sow the seeds in it. Once the plants get big enough, the entire egg can be transferred to the garden or to a bigger pot. Egglings can be easily kept on window sill or even on office desk and nurtured for months. It will give a green look to home and office.

Peaceful Bomb Flower Vase

Designer duo from Taiwan, Owen and Cloud, have designed “A Peaceful Bomb Flower Vase” as their statement against war. Made from ceramic, this flower vase comes in white color which is color of peace. Smooth and clear line of ceramic truly represents a modern style. This characteristic flower vase looks fantastic in your modern home decor.


Design dot have designed this unique “Unvase” design, a two separate hollow elements come together to form the silhouette of a vase. It is made using a careful process by hand and it’s made out of glazed ceramic bicolor with a matte finish. The piece is intended to provoke reflection about how it can be looked.

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