Index Chopping Board Set Puts Your Kitchen in Order

If your daily diet consists of something other than the local ramen noodle cup or some pre-packaged chicken nuggets, chances are you have probably needed to use a cutting board at some point.

Depending on the complexity of the dish you are preparing, you may need more than one, and you don’t want to be cutting up those carrots on the same board you just had some raw poultry on, do you? Of course not! Thankfully, some intuitive individuals have come up with a new system that will organize your cutting boards in such a way that will prevent cross contamination. Behold, the Index Chopping Board Set.

I didn’t know that there were awards out there for kitchen organizing gadgetry, but according to the manufacturer, the Index has won a number of them. The whole set is comprised of a stylish storage case along with four color-coded boards. They are staggered for your convenience, and even if you are color blind you can identify the boards by the cartoonish looking icons on each tab. This allows you to safely prepare most foods, including vegetables, fish, raw meat, or already cooked foods separately without the need to buy additional boards. They are also, as you might expect, dishwasher safe. At a price of $65.00, you are paying a bit of a premium compared to other cutting boards, but that doesn’t make them any less cool looking.

When it comes to kitchen gadgetry, you really don’t have a reason to limit yourself to just cool cutting boards. You may as well improve your spatula system as well, so have a peek at this Click n Cook Modular Spatula system. If you are a long time cook, you probably need to measure ingredients every so often, right? Well then, you can pick up one of these 13 Weighing Machines that can help you out in the kitchen.