Hand-made, Customized Hello Kitty Guitar Faceplates

If you are an avid collector of stickers of various sizes and shapes and are looking for some to jazz up your guitar, check out these kitty guitar faceplates created by ricepuppet.

These hand-made guitar faceplates can be customized to client needs based on what the would-be owner wants. While a new faceplate custom will cost US$80, a new guitar custom one will come at US$170. But you can also have your own sent in faceplate custom or guitar custom at US$55 and US$105 respectively.

Depending on the drying time, it will take 4-5 days to create these Kitty Guitar Faceplates. However, their lifespan is limited to a year or two as the paint will start losing its shine with time, just like other similar products designed for cars etc. However, you can make them last a bit longer by handling them with care.

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