Hello Kitty Stereo Earphones Give You Cat Ears

Being of the most iconic characters in Japan, Hello Kitty is just about everywhere. If you’re a fan, and you were thinking of incorporating Hello Kitty into your musical gear, too, then these Hello Kitty Earphones are the perfect opportunity to do so. The four distinctly different designs should satisfy any musical headphone needs you might have.

Each design is an easily recognizable Hello Kitty character on the buds, featuring the kitty figure with whiskers and ribbons. The cords and plug are also color coordinated along with the earphone design, so you can tell they went the extra mile with these! The plugs are 3.5 mm mini plug headphones, the same connection you’ll find on iPods and other mp3 players. Your color options are White and Red, White and Pink, White and Purple, and Pink and Black. Personally, I think the classic White and Red design fits the headphones the best, but you are more than welcome to disagree with me and go with something else. Such detail comes with a price, though, and that price is $43 USD. You will also have to tack on another $15 for shipping.

If you don’t think you want to empty your wallet or purse for such a little piece of electronics, you have other Hello Kitty schwag options as well. You can put your cellphone in Hello Kitty’s little paws with this Sanrio Character Stand, for example. If you play the guitar, this Hello Kitty Faceplate can be there and rock out right along with you. That is if you can get our hands on one, as each one is completely customized to suit your owners needs. Hello Kitty is very selective about who she plays with, you know?