The Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp

How about bringing in some color and beauty into your lives? And for those of you who have a leaning towards the sea, water sports and marine creatures, the Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp would be an ideal gift to possess and cherish over the years.

The jellyfish is an awesome marine creature that is propelled along by simple biological processes in the depths of the ocean.. These jellyfish exhibit bioluminescence to draw in their prey using their poisonous tentacles to string and ensnare their supper.

The jellyfish touch color lamp was designed solely due to the inspiration gathered from the natural design and beauty of these luminescent fish. The dome shape of the jellyfish touch color lamp is so designed to resemble a jellyfish’s body and the lamp’s glow is reminiscent of its bioluminescence.

This jellyfish touch color lamp is capable of projecting any color in the RGB Spectrum. This lamp has a touch sensitive panel too. Gently touch the panel to turn the lamp on, swipe left to bring up the color wheel,. Swipe up to throw color into the lamp’s body; have fun swiping up and down to  brighten or darken the color, or better still, double tap to start cycling though the spectrum of colors.

The jellyfish touch color lamp is the perfect accent lighting to suit any mood. Use this to bring out the bright yellows and vivid reds in your paintings and tapestries. The jellyfish touch color lamp is mesmerizing and enticing in its beauty. It’s just brilliant whenever you want to use it to display your favorite colors- anytime, wherever there’s electricity.

This cute dome shaped accent light is capable of reproducing sixteen million colors. The touch panel allows you to choose the colors of your choice. Moreover, twenty four LED cycle between a rainbow palette and flowing solid colors. The jellyfish touch color lamp changes its light to any color you want and every possible color in the RGB spectrum can be produced. The panel is highly touch sensitive. The coloring and shading can be easily controlled through a series of finger swiping in different directions.

For all of you keenly interested in sea life, bring home the bioluminescent magnificence of the sea and its marine life. Feel enthralled to be transported to a world entirely of your own making and indulge in diving into a fantasy land, where jellyfish abound in myriad colors. It’s almost like having recreated the aurora borealis in your home..It is available at $79.99.

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