JOT Suction Cups – A Great Household Help

Keys, pens, and other similar objects – small things but very important. When you need them the most they are not to be found anywhere. You look in drawers, on the table, in the bag, and every other possible place, only in vain. And where do you finally find them? Lying right in front of you all the time and yet having missed your eyes.

This is a frustrating situation in which we have all been at some or the other time in our lives. The clutter around us causes great damages, especially time wastage in searching for things. Get rid of all such situations and live a comfortable life with Jot – a new set of suction cups that stick to the wall and promise to keep all your small but significant belongings secure. You find them when you want them.

Jots are colorful, cute, and smart looking; one 4.5 cm diameter suction cup with two round projections. Both projections are so closely placed that you need to apply force to get between them. Due to their proximity with one another, they clasp anything that comes in between forming a firm grip on the object.

Jot is available in an array of colors making it convenient for you to select the ones that best suit your room décor. They are meant to keep things securely hanging from walls and they do their job in style. Imagine having hooks placed all over your house. That really takes away the beauty of the room since hooks bring in that odd factor. Now try placing Jots in place of all these hooks. The look instantly changes to a much more elegant one.

These suction cups can be easily placed on any kind of smooth surface. The only thing that you need to be careful of is to see to it that the surface is absolutely clean. A grimy surface will not give a firm grip and may cause it to come off within a short period. Cleaning them is no hassle. All you need to do is wipe with a damp towel and get a fresh looking Jot.

They are suitable for all kinds of purposes and can be placed in your children’s room, the bathroom, behind the door, in the kitchen, over the table, near a mobile charging point, and many more such locations where you think you need. It all depends upon individual needs and each purpose can be successfully fulfilled.

With Jot in your house no one will have an excuse to misplace things. Jot small objects around the house and be sure to find them when you need them. You can get one for yourself by spending $5.95.

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