LEGO Brick Alarm Clock

LEGO is everywhere and we all are LEGO maniacs aren’t we? Remember the LEGO car we reviewed and then all the other LEGO accessories we have been reporting to you about. But this time we have something which is not just unique, but also quite useful.

Any guesses? Nopes it’s not a LEGO bike and it’s not even a LEGO dinosaur… it’s the LEGO Alarm Clock!

So if you are a diehard LEGO fan and you want LEGO bricks everywhere then this clock is for you. Well, you couldn’t get anything better could you? I mean imagine for a while – wouldn’t it be awesome to be awaken by a LEGO brick and to have a big LEGO brick around every time you go to the bed? I don’t know about you, but I am really crazy about LEGO bricks (I love them to death) so I would surely have this watch! No doubt about that!

The best part about this clock is that it comes with an AM/FM radio and is safe to be used by children above 7. In fact it is quite sturdy, so even if you have some naughty kids around, they won’t be able to damage this piece of LEGO. The knobs you are seeing right on the top are actually volume and tuner controls. The clock has a digital LCD display along with a backlight as well. Moreover, for your convenience, there is also a large snooze button. The clock comes in three colors being blue, green, and red. The overall dimensions of the clock are 6.3″ x 3.1″ x 4.2″ and it runs on dual power modes.

Happy? Well, I really am because I never thought I’d found myself an alarm clock that can give me a flashback of those golden moments of life as soon as I wake up in the morning. I love LEGO bricks and this clock is the right one for me. And, if you love LEGO bricks too then you shouldn’t wait as well. Besides, it is just for $29.99 which I guess is not at all expensive for a LEGO maniac!

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