Modern Multifunctional Sofa

In my house we only have one bedroom so whenever a relative or a friend that lives abroad comes to visit us, we don’t have a place for him to sleep. If we had a sofa that can also be a comfortable bed it’d be perfect! That’s exactly what Redesign, a Croatian design studio,did when they came out with the multifunctional sofa, called pil-low.

So you may ask why that sofa got the name “Pil-low”? The answer is simple: this modern and beautiful sofa is as comfortable as a pillow, which means you don’t need to add any more pillows! because it’s already super comfort!


The Pil-low sofa has more functions and is very adjustable. It can be transformed into a comfortable “work office”. If you open it, a storage space becomes available. The red metalic  support gives the sofa a modern touch. Respecting the studio’s design policy, Pil-low is a modular, multifunctional, rational ecological responsible piece of furniture.

Pil-low-Sofa 2 Pil-low-Sofa 3


For more details visit Pilo-low’s page at Redesign.