Recharge your Device Using your Own Energy

Don’t you just hate it that you have the energy to be out on your feet all day, but your cellphone opts out? The same goes for all other mobile phone devices- mp3 players, iPods, and portable DVD players. What is the point of having these gadgets if you can’t use them on the go? Throughout? Well looks like someone’s been listening to you, because the nPowerPEG is the exact solution to that. Brought out by Tremont Electric, this device is powering the new generation and giving a boost to the idea of running the world on renewable energy. This product is in one word- futuristic. So what is nPowerPEG? This handy, yet powerful device is a way to fuel the batteries in the handheld devices that you use in everyday life. The only quintessential reason that sets this gizmo apart from any other invention is the fact that it recharges using kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is that what generates power through action. For instance, you walk a mile and you generate energy for the nPowerPEG to recharge your mobile phone. Just hold it in your hand while you are out for your morning jog, put it in your backpack while you pedal to work or school. Just put it on yourself and watch the device charge its internal battery to make available top-up power just when you will need it. It has been created using elementary physics- Michael Faraday’s Principle of Electromagnetic Induction. It just made it a working reality. It simply, is the way to harvest energy like never before.

In other Tremont Electrics news, we have the equally revolutionary nPower WEC. WEC here stands for Wave Energy Convertors. The sole motive that fuelled its invention is the efficacy but skyrocketing costs of renewable energy today. The initial expenses that go into investing in a solar panel or a windmill turbine put the masses off from adopting renewable energy. Yet, renewable energy will not only allow more people to gain access to marvels of electricity but also keep our environment healthy. So to help sustainable development become beyond a textbook term, Tremont Electric brought out nPowerWEC. These convertors allow you to produce electric energy from the energy generated by the ripples in our local lakes or waves that hit the beaches. It allows you to generate this power on a large-scale. This too is based on the sample principle of elementary physics and the terribly important factor that makes it utilitarian- it keeps a check on the all important bills. Finally, some no-frills renewable energy. Elementary isn’t it? nPowerPEG and nPowerWEC are your passport to the future. Get it.

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