The Schiena Bookcase

If you are a book lover and have a compulsive book buying habit, you would surely have loads of books stacked precariously on bookshelves and for lack of space, overflowing on to the floor. You want a permanent solution to this and organized? Then check out the Schiena Bookcase.

This ingenious bookcase looks just like the inside of your back. With a bunch of bones forming your spinal cord, the bookcase too is designed to look exactly like it. The Schiena bookcase merges effortlessly with the surrounding environment by casting shadows. It extends horizontally too by utilizing its unique sliding elements. The circular attachment plates of the Schiena bookcase displays balance, dynamism, and movement, while being lightly separated from the wall.

This Schiena bookcase has been brilliantly designed by Pietro Travaglini. It was his creative and ingenious concept to place these plates of the bookcase as the physical connection between concept and reality.

The Schiena bookcase can be made of different materials and colors. It’s provided with low energy LED lights behind it and it looks magnificent with books displayed on it. In his own words, designer Pietro Travaglini claims that this bookshelf was inspired by the human backbone. Each segment of the bookcase has plates to place books on. They are so designed to be lightly separated from the wall and it can be moved too, like a real backbone, thanks to the sliding system installed in each segment of the bookcase.

The LED lights provided at the back creates a beautiful and ethereal effect. The material and color can be customized at will and it fits easily into any environment. The bookcase allows maximum convenience for placing of novels and other items.

The Schiena bookcase can twist and contort into varied positions just like a human spinal cord and comes in varied colors and materials. The name” Schiena” in Italian literally means the spine. The Schiena bookcase bends and twists to your choosing, at the same time supporting your favorite tomes and continuing to surprise your guests.

Stack your books beautifully on this simple and white Schiena bookcase designed by Pietro Travaglini. You are bound to feel proud of both your book collection, as well as your lovely Schiena bookcase. It will definitely occupy the pride of place in your living room.

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