Keep Your Pets Engaged With the FroliCat Dart

Pets can be fun. Especially cats that can be mischievous and hilarious at the same time. If they are not pottering around looking aloof and regal, they are busy chasing birds or swatting imaginary flies and frisking around like crazy, getting into everyone’s way. Try entertaining them yourselves and you would end up going nuts thinking up ingenious ways to keep them busy, apart from waving a spool of wool around them.

This is where FroliCat Dart steps in to lend a helping hand. This amazing wonder device will keep your cats and dogs enthralled and engaged in fun ways for hours at a stretch. Simply place it on the floor, turn it on and be pleasantly surprised to see your furry pets go bonkers trying to chase the random laser patterns projected by the FroliCat Dart‘s fully rotating lid section.

This FroliCat Dart has variable speed and timer settings and the sleek device offers sixteen tail chasing mad cap play combinations.

You need to be keenly aware of a few aspects before using this cute FroliCat Dart. Do not aim the laser light directly into the eyes of pets or people. Take care to supervise pets playing with toys. If you have small kids at home, do not allow them to use this product unless and until there is adult supervision. Take pains to inspect the products periodically for damage and discard it immediately if it appears worn or broken.

Features of FroliCat Dart are varied and interesting. It has variable speed settings. It comes equipped with an adjustable timer for various lengths of play. There are sixteen exciting play combinations to choose from. The FroliCat Dart is fun for both cats and dogs alike. You require three AAA batteries to operate this device.

So, the FroliCat Dart is an automatic revolving laser light that provides hours of fun and frolic for your feline cronies. Place it on the floor, turn it on and watch the mad chase begin.

In fact, FroliCat Dart is the best workout device for your pet feline. Cats can be a little picky when it comes to choice of toys. Long gone are the days when your furry pet appreciated squeaky bones. Now they just fall prey to the awesomeness of laser points and chase them around, loving it every minute. The FroliCat Dart moves  the laser point around your room at controlled and varying speeds giving your cat a feeling of being played with.

Get a tabby cat or a tubby for yourself soon. And with the FroliCat Dart , you would have found that your cat has found his/her muse. It is priced at £29.99icon.

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